SurvivalSeeds4Patriots – Medicinal Seed Vault

SurvivalSeeds4Patriots - Medicinal Seed Vault

SurvivalSeeds4Patriots – Medicinal Seed Vault

Inside the SurvivalSeeds4Patriots Medicinal Seed Vault, you’ll get more than 1,600 medicinal survival seeds from 10 varieties of hardy and important heirloom plants passed down from our forefathers. It’s a whole medicine cabinet packed in an airtight storage vault rated for 5+ years of storage.

There are no GMOs or outdated seeds in the Medicinal Seed Vault. All harvested seeds are reusable. Each vault can produce 1000s of plants to ease a wide variety of ailments for pennies per pound. Enough to treat your family forever!

These seeds come from a premium heirloom seed provider and top-quality, hard-working farmers located right here in the United States. These are folks just like you and me, with a passion for self-reliance and freedom.

These seeds come in an airtight metal storage container rated for 5+ years of storage at 75 degrees (longer at cooler temps), giving you and your family long-term protection in case of disaster or a medical crisis.

These are open pollinated seeds that can be grown, harvested and replanted endlessly, so you never have to worry about your seed supply running out. You can achieve true health independence by harvesting seeds from your own heirloom plants!

You’ll also get an easy and clear set of planting instructions plus a seed harvesting guide. This contains all the step-by-step instructions you need for planting, harvesting and using  – taking all the guesswork out and giving you full peace of mind


  • Echinacea (over 130 seeds)
  • Cayenne (over 90 seeds)
  • Borage (over 130 seeds)
  • Butterfly Weed (over 50 seeds)
  • Nettle (over 150 seeds)
  • Mad-Dog Skullcap (over 50 seeds)
  • Culver’s Root (over 200 seeds)
  • Hyssop (over 150 seeds)
  • Lemon Balm (over 400 seeds)
  • Catnip (over 250 seeds)

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SurvivalSeeds4Patriots – Medicinal Seed Vault


Delivery was prompt. The variety is great and I am excited to start planting in a couple of months. I have not had a chance to use my seeds yet but I recognize the names from varieties my parents used when I was a child and they had the best gardens ever.


I haven't used them yet however when I do I will tel you how they do at 5000 feet altitude.


An excellent way to protect yourself and family in the future against disasters and famine but also from GMO illnesses...


I have made several purchases and will continue to buy seed vaults from you. Most are for longer term usage, but I have sampled them to judge the quality of seeds and have had great results with those I have planted. Very satisfied.


wont know til next summer when i plant everything


Great! I have lots of seed to plant and will be able to harvest seed to replant. It is good to be prepared in an emergency if you were not able to purchase food.


Excellent , speedy service.


I am sending you this note to let you know that I am very impressed by the way you conduct your business. You can expect to receive additional orders from me in the very near future. Richard

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